May Theater Produce SHOW Theater vol.6
sunday play Japanese Classic

The Peony Lantern

Original author : Sanyutei Enchou
Script/Director : Walley Kinoshita
Art : Noi Narimasa
Music : indigo jam unit

It’s like this that people live and die, loving and not being loved.
They can neither see the visible nor touch the tangible..

In the bamboo grove built by whiff and dead angle, 18 players are by passing, meeting, killing, loving and hating each other. The ghost story of the dead woman who haunts to her lover every night with sound of wooden clogs, was only a prologue!
Revenge for the father, where the money goes, an assassination plan, this world and next world, a murderer on the lam, the separated mother, gear of fate, and put the buttons in the wrong holes lead to unexpected ending.
So many characters are coming on that can hardly expected Rakugo. Complicated plot, description of the violence, and the world of Edo that is irrational and fantasy is depicted lightly and thrillingly.
Spatial designer Noi Narimasa who represents Osaka is working on the stage art. He created the world of new 'peony lantern' using 200 or more bamboos in them.
Indigo jam unit who highly praised for dynamic twin dram, sensitive melody and extra-thick groove performs as music. The 'peony lantern' that nobody has seen is here!!

March 8(Thu) - March 11 (Sun) 2012

March 8(Thu) 19:00
March 9(Fri) 14:00 / 19:00
March 10(Sat) 11:00 / 15:00
March 11(Sun) 15:00

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